Tips for managing COVID stress

Here’s some tips from your local Chiropractor and Physiotherapist for dealing with COVID stress

Kim Le

November 15, 2022

Here’s some tips from your local Chiropractor and Physiotherapist for dealing with COVID stress.


Meditate.Meditation can help reduce and manage stress, helps you focus on the present, clears your mind and declutters your thoughts. You will be able to make better decisions when your mind is clear of distractions.How to meditate effectively has been a lifelong pursuit for us. It's not just about clearing your mind of everyday worries and Latency - it's about expanding your consciousness, becoming more aware and aware. Meditation is not about just focusing on a single thought - though that is very important. It's about opening your mind to new levels of awareness. As you become more aware, you will naturally become more skilled at making better decisions - both in your daily life and in situations that may seem outside of your control.


Self - Care. Use this time to take care of those health problems you have been holding off. Exercise. Do your rehab exercises. Eat healthier. You only have one body so take care of it

. Sleep is the most important thing for your mental health. Use that time to get a good night’s rest and embrace the day as a new opportunity to live life to its fullest. Take care of yourself physically, eat right and exercise regularly because it will improve your health 24/7.Magnesium supplements have been found to be beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety by supporting the nervous system. Make sure you consult with a health practitioner to see if supplementing minerals is right for you.


Spend more time doing the things you love, but never had the time to do. Feed your soul by reading a book, listen to a podcast, pick up a new/old hobby or learn a new language. It’s common in this day and age to work to the point of exhaustion and always needing to control every aspect of our lives that we forget to live it.


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