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At Hyperhealth, we are passionate about combining good quality treatment with empathetic care. We have a strong commitment to providing the highest quality professional and personalised chiropractic and physiotherapy care in your quest for better health and well-being.

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Health Care Clinic with a Holistic Approach to Healing

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Hyper Health Allied Health Care is a chiropractic and physiotherapy clinic located in the heart of Marrickville and Wetherill Park in Sydney.

We are passionate about combining good quality treatment with empathetic care.

Our team of highly trained professionals in chiropractic and physiotherapy services. We take great pride in our work and have an integrated and holistic approach to health care.

We understand that when there are dysfunctions in the body, it is rarely an isolated problem. Where there is a localised pain or dysfunction, we like to look at how the body works as a whole in order to identify the root cause.

Our mission is to help our patients heal by analysing whole-body dysfunctions and finding the root cause. This may lie in musculoskeletal, fascial, motor control, visceral, lymphatic or nervous systems.

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Hyperhealth is a provider of neuro kinetic therapy services in Sydney, Australia.


Get out of pain and discomfort


Prevent future pain and Injury


Continue doing the things you love pain-free


Move better and Feel better

Our expert chiropractors in Hyperhealth can help you get back on your feet and on the road to recovery.

Meet Kim Le


B. Sports and Exercise Science/ M. Chiropractic Science

Kim is an avid practitioner of Chiropractic and has a keen interest in analysing whole-body dysfunctions. His gentle, calm and efficient approach...

Podiatrist specialist

Meet Ray Nguyen


B. Health Science/ M. Podiatric Medicine

Raymond is an experienced Podiatrist whose down-to-earth manner and attention to detail results in the best outcomes for his clients...

We provide treatment for Victoria Tow Marrickville Massage at Hyperhealth Clinic.

Meet Victoria Tow

Massage Therapist

Victoria is a manual therapist who delivers a variety of massage techniques to help clients through their everyday life.

Meet the HyperHealth Team

Our podiatrists in Hyperhealth are experts in the field with years of experience.

Meet Cameron Hemmert


B. Human Sciences (Human Movement)/ Doctor of Physiotherapy

Cameron is a caring physiotherapist with an interest in human anatomy and how pain can impact function. His practice involves analysing the relationship...

When you need a podiatrist, Hyperhealth Clinic has you covered.

Meet Mel Nguyen

Clinic Manager

B. Business and Law

Mel is the friendly face at Hyper Health who keeps the clinic together and running! Mel looks after the clinic's social media accounts, booking system and customer service...

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